1. Secret Sumatra is not liable for any damage to any personal items, theft, illness, injury or death caused while traveling or staying in Secret Sumatra.

2. Secret Sumatra reserves the right to cancel a person's accommodation due to disrespectful behavior.

3. Travel insurance is mandatory. Secret Sumatra recommends that the guest books travel insurance along with flights and trip payment to insure the guest in the case of injury, loss of income, family hardship, death of a loved one, delays, natural disasters, war, acts of god, epidemic, pandemic, force majeure, civil unrest or terrorism. It is the responsibility of the guest to book travel insurance at the time of committing to overseas travel.

4. Secret Sumatra reserves the right to withdraw a booking if the $450 deposit per person isn't paid within the 5-day period.

5. CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS/MOVING TRIPS:  * All $450 per person deposits are non-refundable and cannot be moved to another date. * Cancellations made after full payment received are also not permitted unless you can find someone else to transfer your spot, some admin fees may apply. There are no refunds permitted once your holiday has commenced. Secret Sumatra does not transfer trips to another date in any situation including case of injury, loss of income, family hardship, death of a loved one, delays, natural disasters, war, acts of god, epidemic, pandemic, force majeure, civil unrest or terrorism.

6. Secret Sumatra is not liable in any situation to pay extra expenses, which may be due to delays, natural disasters, war, acts of god, epidemic, pandemic, force majeure, civil unrest, terrorism, etc.

7. Secret Sumatra is not responsible for any guests actions and will not be involved in any legal matters related to crime, drugs or anything that is against the law, both in the guests country of origin and/or Indonesia.

8. Secret Sumatra's guests must have 6 months validity in their passport. Secret Sumatra will not be held responsible for any matters related to immigration.

9. Passports also should be checked by the guest to make sure they are in sufficient condition to travel. There must be available pages for the required visa to enter Indonesia and the passport should also be free of  water damage, ripped pages or damage by pen or paint by a child.

10. Secret Sumatra cannot under any situation extend a visa and will not be held liable for an overstay due to forgetfulness or delay.

11. Secret Sumatra recommends that you visit a doctor before you arrive in Indonesia for a health check. Malaria and any other disease of concern should be prevented and thus Secret Sumatra recommends the latest preventative medicine to be taken under the advise of a doctor.

12. Any visas that need to be obtained to enter Indonesia must be organised through the Indonesian consulate in the guests home country or any country that the guest may visit prior entering Indonesia.

13. Secret Sumatra recommends all guests should check all safety issues, travel warnings, information and advisories related to entering Indonesia before departing their country of origin. It is the guests decision to enter Indonesia if there is danger present and it's the guests responsibility to contact their travel insurance provider for a refund of their trip in such a situation, please refer to No.5 CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS/MOVING TRIPS in regards to our terms regarding cancellations/refunds/moving trips. 

14. Secret Sumatra's guests, if under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

15. Secret Sumatra will not refund any portion of any trip if related to injury, force majeure, sickness, unlawful behaviour or homesickness. Secret Sumatra will assist the guest to the best of their ability, but will not put any other guest in danger. Secret Sumatra's responsibility lies within the group.

16. Secret Sumatra's luggage requirements are the same as the international airline standard. A 25 kg limit to suitcases or any bag and the maximum amount of surfboards, bodyboards, longboards, kneeboards to be transported to and from Bandar Lampung is 4.

17. Secret Sumatra is not liable for any internet or computer related issues that may arise due to the course of the booking process.

18. Secret Sumatra has the right to alter travel schedules due to weather conditions, safety issues or situations beyond our control.

19. Secret Sumatra has informed the guest that all travel is at the guests own risk. Searching in remote locations may lead to dangers in which the guest has total responsibility in agreement to engagement.

20. Secret Sumatra will do our utmost to maintain the prices indicated, however prices may need to be adjusted due to circumstances beyond our control. Secret Sumatra reserves the right to amend prices, before or after your booking, until the full payment is received.

21. Secret Sumatra reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

22. Costs not included in Price: Excess Baggage, Personal Spending money, Food not prepared by Secret Sumatra (eating out is additional cost) Alcohol, Travel Insurance, Airport Departure Taxes for international and domestic flights in Indonesia, Passport and Inoculation costs, Personal costs incurred through delay in transport or mechanical breakdown.

23. Secret Sumatra is secure with all booking information and will not forward on information obtained, except for matters related to the law which directly effect us.

 © Secret Sumatra 2020 

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