The Waves 

We are privileged to be situated in what we believe is the most consistent wave zone on Earth. The southwest swells generated DOWN OFF South Africa point straight to us before travelling thousands of miles across the Indian ocean to OUR DOORSTEP IN Krui, South Sumatra, where we are based.

This area has the deepest ocean trough across the whole Indo coast, which means when the waves come in they jack which means most of the time the swell is bigger here than the rest of Indo which includes The Mentawais, Bali, Lombok, Java & Sumbawa. 

There are over 20 waves across 30 miles of lush mountainous coastline and we are lucky enough to be at the centre of the action which means we're only a 45 min drive to the furthest spot either side of us.

You'll find waves for all skill sets IN our zone, there's mellow points, hollow beachies, fun beachies, short wedgey peaks, hollow points and slabs, so whether you're a beginner, AN intermediate, A shredder or the extreme pro, there's something here for everyone.

Out the front we have a wave, THAT WHEN WE FIRST CAME ACROSS IT, we called 'The Peak', the right is a short perfect hollow WAVE that wedges into a double up on the take off AND spits frequently ON THE WAY OUT, the left that breaks off the peak is a mellow wave most of the time, which beginners and kids have been known to enjoy. Across the channel to the left is 'Leftovers' a wave we also named which is similar to the right hander out front, it's a short wedgey bowly left. On the other side of the channel of 'The Peak' is a soft left that starts with a wedge take off that pushes you across a few sections that are great for turns or floats then fading into a channel, this wave is enjoyed by the beginner to the intermediate surfer. All these spots are that close that within minutes you could be in the line up & barrelled from the front step of your bungalow.

Then about a kilometer down the point is Krui left, Krui bowl, Krui Beach and Krui rights which are all fun waves enjoyed by the beginner to intermediate surfer, unless it's a once IN ten year swell, then these spots transform into something really hollow and then it will be something the barrel demonds will enjoy, especially on the bigger sets and on the same day the intermediate surfer will still enjoy how fun and perfect these waves break.


Scattered up and down the coast we have a plethora of spots, one's a 350 meter LONG lefthander which WE REFER TO AS a softer version of Uluwatu and totally shreddable, there's another point, which on it's day is easily compared to Desert Point.


theres a couple of beachies which are each 15 minutes either side and Have been compared to Puerto Escondito, Straddie, Hossegor etc. One of these sand bottom gems being much more hollow than the other and the other being longer and more mellow for the more chilled surfer.

Then we have a Black Rock style left, a heavy left slab, a hollow down the line right hander and also a heaving right slab, a Pipe esque left, a softer right hand point and a handful of other lesser known gems that work in rare conditions, We are on these as soon as we see THE planets align and if you're staying with us, you'll be the first to know and you'll be the first OUT there GETTING TUBED OFF YOUR NUT.


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